About us

Crown Investments emerges in 2015 as a platform of the Crown Management group of companies- specialized in managing small and medium-sized investors’ funds professionally. The aim is to channel the investment to low risk projects with income that is generated in the short and medium term, through strategic partners in sectors where unique opportunities may be identified.

Our team

A team of experts with broad experience, at the local and international levels, in technical areas such as business management, finance, taxes, legal, investment, project development, production, manufacture, transport and commercialization.

Crown Investments, a partner in your business

Our company’s profit is a percentage of the investor’s profits. We do not charge a management fixed rate in advance; your money goes directly to fund the project’s cost.

If you win, we win.

Our Mission

Our mission is the professional management of investments in high-quality products for maximizing the client’s profitability by:

  • Studying investment opportunities within the regional market, and structuring attractive businesses for individual investors and investment funds.

  • A high professionalization in the administrative and financial management, development and commercialization of products.

  • Searching for economies of scale for the participation of a critical mass of small and medium-sized investors.

  • Providing information about the financial performance and status and progress of the activities being carried out.

  • Ensuring risk mitigation in the investment through product and investment diversification mechanisms: contracts with different effective dates, insurance policies and pricing, and fiscal options suitable for domestic and foreign investors.

  • Following associates which contribute with knowledge in the different areas where they are renowned experts.

Our Vision

Detecting unique projects which, being managed and administrated by a qualified professional team, offer a reduced risk with short and medium term income above similar market investments.

  • Ethics

    Commitment to the values which distinguish us.

  • Responsibility

    Sustainable investments with positive impact.

  • Trust

    Proved investment professional management.

  • Cooperation

    Network of expert associate agents.

  • Transparency

    Access to information regarding business performance.

Current product portfolio

Crown Agrinet offers investors the opportunity to participate in a guarantee trust to facilite the sale and purchase of cattle. The guarantee is the cattle and the money funds the buyer’s payment term. The trustee is responsible for the money and management of such trust, as well as for the refund of principal and interests. Income is at 8% fixed rate and given the short terms and high turnover, money may be withdrawn within a 12-months term.

Minimum investment: US$30,000 for a period of at least 12 months.
Typology: 8% fixed income and low risk.




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